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We at SRU, believe that each person has a ‘unique talent’ and special strengths, be it in sports, music, dramatics, public speaking etc. Our endeavor is to nurture this talent so that it helps shape her/his personality and become a better human being. To promote this Department of Students’ Welfare has initiated various Societies. The time table has been specially designed so that all students, including those who are not residing in hostels, are able to complement college education with soft and special skills.

The office of the Dean of Students Welfare looks after the welfare of the students with active support from the elected representatives of the students, faculty and administration. The main purpose behind setting up of the department is to contribute towards the development of an academic environment that promotes productive learning and academic success, while abolishing the stressing and challenging situations that could arise from one or another reason.

Joining an SRU Club/society is another great move for your résumé. Membership in a club/society shows employers that you’re a high-achiever.

Vice Chancellor SRU

Clubs & Societies @ SRU

There are many clubs & societies founded in SRU to keep our students engaged.

Academic Clubs: Academic clubs are among the most popular on campus. They are usually based on an area of study.  

Political Clubs: A political club can give you the platform to confront issues that are important to you, to support a candidate who shares your political views, or to connect with like-minded students and professors. These clubs can be especially important if you’re majoring in political science or you have aspirations for public office. 

Community Service & Social Justice: If you are eager to make a difference on your campus, in your local neighborhood or city, or even around the world, a club focused on serving others might be the perfect match for you. There are community service clubs dedicated to children, seniors, underserved populations, animals, the environment, nature, and on and on.

Cultural Clubs: Opportunities abound to join groups that celebrate racial, ethnic, and cultural heritages of every kind.

How To Participate?

Any SRU Student/Staff Member can participate in any of the Club/Society in which they may have interest. There are certain rules & regulations which they must follow.