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People with expertise in business the executives are progressively sought after in the present society. The way that a large number of this present Faculty's alumni proceed to become business pioneers and the center workforce of government and worldwide associations is proof of this interest. As globalization advances, the impact of financial matters practices on society keeps on developing. The Faculty in this way includes phenomenal specialists and educators along with world-class offices, offering India's best instructive involvement with the field of the board. With the headway of globalization, the Faculty of Management is certain that its essence will keep on arriving at new degrees of conspicuousness.

The educational plan offered by the Faculty of Management includes normal undergrad level courses, as well as the Master's Program in a portion of the, chose fields, a program that empowers understudies to get a Master's qualification after the consummation of the undergrad program at the Faculty. The Faculty additionally offers integrated programs (BBA+MBA) that urge college students to viably take beginning level graduated class courses.

Courses Offered

Course Name Subjects Duration Intake
Master of Business Administration
Finance, HR, International Business, Operations, IT, etc. 2 Years (4 Sem) 60
Bachelor of Business Administration
Finance, HR, International Business, Operations, IT, etc. 3 Years (6 Sem) 60
Bachelor & Master of Business Administration-Integrated
Finance, HR, International Business, Operations, IT, etc. 4 Years (8 Sem) 60
Executive-Master of Business Management
1.5 Years (3 Sem) 60
Post Graduation Diploma in Management
1. Airline and Airport Management
2. International Business Management
3. Logistics and Supplychain Management
4. Fitness Management
5. Insurance Management
6. Warehousing/Inventory Management
7. Shipping and Port Management
8. Marketing Management
9. Financial Management
10. Human Resource Management
11. Information technology Management
12. Operation & Project Management
13. Rural Management
14. Hospital Management
15. Project Management
16. Entre. Development Management
17. NGO Management
18. Public Relation Management
19. Indian stock Market Management
20. Retail Management
21. Advertising & PR Management
22. Hospital Document Management
23. Total Quality Management
24. Institute Administration
25. ERP Management
1 Years (2 sem) 60


  • Finance
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • International Business
  • Operations
  • Retail

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SRU's Academic Programs are offered under 15 Faculties, 35 Departments, and more than 100 major subjects specializations so your degree will surely reflect your interests and strengths.

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Management is a kind of sociology, and it can't be aced simply through guidance everywhere auditoriums. It is significant for understudies to have hands-on encounters of strategy organization and business the executives so they can talk about with different specialists.