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The path that many generations before followed in the workforce during adolescent years no longer holds true.

Generation Z’s teenagers no longer work in customary first jobs. Research claims over 70% of teenagers have roles that can be described as self-employed, while only 12% hold down traditional positions. The young people of Generation Z are less likely to be found flipping burgers, working in retail or waiting tables.

Our mission is, creating a strong foundation of academic learning in the field of entrepreneurship not only to acquaint students with concepts but also with the application of the same.

Vice Chancellor SRU

Entrepreneurship @ SRU

Our mission is to enhance academic programs and provide real world opportunities to create future generations of business and world leaders.

Our academic curriculum is designed to ensure continued teaching, learning, research and innovation. Accordingly, we have established collaborative partnership with business, government, and other research institutions.

Highlights of the Program

  • A start-up/business plan competition for students
  • Mentorship opportunities for entrepreneurs
  • Sponsored off-campus networking opportunities
  • An International Program in which students work with micro-entrepreneurs in developing areas
  • Social Entrepreneurship track