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Clinical care, research and education fuel innovation to advance human health.

At SRU, we have fully operational 24x7 hospital with facilities to manage all sort of medical emergencies. The university also organizes in-campus camps at regular intervals to spread health awareness. SRU Healthcare delivers unparalleled care for each patient’s unique needs. Our multidisciplinary approach to health care coordinates expertise with the most advanced technology for the best possible outcomes.

With easy access to world-class faculty and coursework in medical science, aspiring physicians and scientists can experiment and customize their education to match their interests.

Vice Chancellor SRU

Healthcare @ SRU

Our mission is to provide WORLD CLASS HEALTHCARE in our Campus.

We at SRU, always inspiring the student and faculty to live healthy active lifestyles through educating them about healthy physical and mental self. SRU actively organies guest lectures and workshops to educate the community about the various aspects of healthy life style.

How we do it?

  • Full fledged University Hospital (Operational 24x7)
  • Physiotherapy clinic is open to all students for consultation and rehabilitation.
  • Organizes in-campus camps at regular intervals to spread health awareness.
  • 24 Hours Helpline