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Industry Partnership Program at SRU, is an integrated program for various courses. Under this program, actuarial students and faculty from SRU collaborate with an Industry Partner such as an manufacturing company, consulting firm, or government body in order to bring academics and practitioners together to work on actuarial problems that are directly relevant to industry.

From the perspective of the students, the Industry Partnership Program is an enhanced internship or “practical experience” in which they work on-site with the Industry Partner on a team-based project under the guidance of their manager(s) from the Industry Partner and one or two SRU faculty members.

From the perspective of the Industry Partner, the Industry Partnership Program is a student internship project, but with SRU faculty members as collaborators and advisors for the students.

Thanks to the generous support of the Industry Partners, the Industry Partnership Program is able to offer financial and non-financial incentives to the students and the faculty members.

Chancellor SRU

Industry Partnership @ SRU

A partnership between the actuarial profession and the academic community is essential to the continued success – even survival – of the profession.

Benefits from Industrial Partnership:

1. The Industrial Partnership Program offers financial and non-financial incentives to all participants: the students, the faculty members, the industry partner, and the profession at large.

2. The students’ receive salary from their internship employer (the Industry Partnership) and the Industry Partner provides supplemental salary; thus, the IPP is the premium internship opportunity for students.

How to participate:

Any SRU Student/Staff Member can participate in Industry Partnership Program in which they may have interest. There are certain rules & regulations which they must follow.

List of MOU signed with industry leaders:

Sr# Logo Company Name
(Click to view MOU)
Year MOU
1 A2 Milk Research Corporation, Raipur(C.G.) 2019 View
2 Yash Biotech Tissu Culture Lab, Raipur(C.G.) 2019 View
3 Research for Resurgence Foundation, Nagpur 2019 View
4 GMR Chhattisgarh Energy Ltd., Raipur 2019 View
5 R.R. Ispat, Raipur 2019 View
6 Zumosun Soft Invention Pvt. Ltd. 2019 View
7 Studenting Era Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi 2019 View
8 Shri Ganesh Vinayaka Eye Hosptial, Raipur 2020 View
9 MGM Eye Institute, Raipur 2020 View
10 AIC@36INC, Data Center 2020 View
11 Arnav Cares, Raipur 2020 View

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