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All of our workshops present and model engaging learner-centered educational practices, and participants leave with effective new strategies they can implement immediately.

These strategies empower students to become active, responsible learners, improving student academic success and retention. If you are looking for a professional development workshop that will make a difference, look no further. These highly interactive workshops are ideal for instructors in all disciplines, student services personnel who work directly with students, and administrators charged with academic programming and retention.

The desired outcome of these events is greater student engagement, improved academic success, and increased retention

Vice Chancellor SRU

Workshops @ SRU

Types of workshops conducted at SRU are:

On-Course for Frontline Staff: Empowerment principles and techniques to strengthen student effectiveness, resilience and persistence, building a campus-wide culture of success.

Refresher Workshop: Feel renewed and reenergized while sharing best practices, acquiring new evidence-based, learner-centered ideas and strategies, and addressing implementation challenges.

Learner Effectiveness Workshop: This workshop is designed to explore the synergy between the growing body of research on brain-based learning approaches and the On Course principles of learner centered teaching and student empowerment.

How To Participate?

Any SRU Student/Staff Member can participate in any of the workshop in which they may have interest. There are certain rules & regulations which they must follow.

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